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Teeth Whitening

For achieving your whitest and most polished smile, a beauty secret we love sharing with our clients is cosmetic teeth whitening. This non-invasive and easy service uses advanced laser and LED technology to remove years of stains and discoloration safely and effectively, without any pain or downtime. On average, results can brighten the teeth by up to 14 shades, meaning you can transform your appearance in just a few quick visits, and leave smiling brighter each time.

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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Benefits:


  • Creates a more youthful overall appearance
  • Easy, quick, and affordable
  • Enhances and brightens your smile
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the mouth area
  • Reduces tooth discoloration
  • Removes stains
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Teeth Whitening FAQs

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Is cosmetic teeth whitening safe?
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Does cosmetic teeth whitening hurt?
Will whitening work on crowns and fillings?
Who is a good candidate for cosmetic teeth whitening?
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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

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